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We apply commercial intelligence developed thanks to the experience and knowledge acquired over more than twenty-five years since we began to develop the export of millions of liters, offering the best service formula and quality/price ratio on the market.

We seek excellence in service, which is why we have become ISO 9001 2015 certified, offering added value in all stages of the process, from the extraction of agave in our own Mexican fields, to its packaging line.

We have a standard organoleptic profile widely accepted by our clients, as well as the possibility of developing our own profile (subject to a minimum volume) based mainly on the different production methods in the cooking, distillation and filtration phases.

We have the following tools for each of the phases:



Autoclaves are used to cook agave piñas with high-pressure steam, achieving fast and efficient cooking.

Traditional masonry ovens cook agave piñas slowly, allowing them to develop a more complex and deeper flavor profile.


Traditional ovens



Distillation towers separate alcohol from water and other components, refining tequila in several stages.

Copper stills are used in traditional distillation, giving tequila unique characteristics in flavor and aroma.

Distillation Towers




This Carbon Plate Filtration method eliminates impurities and softens the tequila, guaranteeing a high-quality final product.

We export the following types of tequila in bulk

Any of these categories can be supplied for “Tequila Base Products”, such as RTD, cocktails , creams, liqueurs, beers , etc. , which must contain a minimum percentage of tequila to comply with the NMX-049-NORMEX regulation. that regulates these products In order to be able to package under these regulations, it is a requirement to sign a Co-Responsibility Agreement for each specific case.




We work directly without intermediaries with the most important international suppliers of food grade isotanks with tanks with a loading capacity of 24,000 liters or we even work with the possibility of supplying dry containers with PVC IBCs of 200 or 1000 liters of capacity. In such a way that we deliver the product based on all types of Incoterms including DAP.

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Extensive experience

We accompany our clients in the process of obtaining the accreditation of a tequila bottler authorized by the Government of Mexico, to comply with the guidelines of the NOM SCFI 006 2012, through our Law Firm with extensive experience in procedures before the Institute. Mexican Industrial Property Authority (IMPI), General Directorate of Standards (DGN) and the Tequila Regulatory Council (CRT).

It is important to highlight that all our lots go through the filter of an internal and an external tasting panel in order to guarantee the appropriate profile of the product.