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avant-garde and tradition in the production and distillation of Tequila

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We are producers of Blue Agave and distillers of Tequila for more than 100 years of family tradition and we do our work at the forefront with passion, dedication and professionalism, to develop new production ideas with the purpose of improving quality, all thanks to our knowledge and love of Tequila.

Our Business Group is highly specialized in the production and marketing of bulk tequila for supply to bottlers authorized by the government of Mexico through the mechanisms standardized by NOM-006-SCFI-2012.

In addition, we have the infrastructure and capacity to offer the maquila service for 100% agave tequila brands, whose bulk export is prohibited by the aforementioned regulations.

Global Commitment to Quality and Trust

Our mission is to position ourselves in the foreign market by offering an optimal and reliable export service. We are committed to continuous improvement, complying with legal requirements and good practices in accordance with ISO 9001:2015. With fundamental values such as responsibility, commitment and leadership, we seek not only to satisfy, but to exceed the expectations of our clients, reflecting trust and security in each interaction.

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